“It is my mission to help others live life to their highest potential whether managing a chronic illness or practicing preventive measures while working to reduce healthcare costs. Offering effective communication tools for the patient-provider encounter, I see the dissemination of Behavioral Engagement with Pure PresenceTM into clinical practice as an essential tool for providers in achieving this immeasurable purpose.”

                                         ~ Christie L. Clipper, DHA
     Improving Patient-Provider Communications 
           for improved Patient-Provider Relationships

    Health Management, Disease Prevention 
           through sustainable patient behavior change 

    Evidence-based Research
           to improve outpatient protocol 
           & provider communication-skills training
To find out more about Christie’s availability as an 
advisor and educator for healthcare organizations, applied research projects, and collaborative public policy initiatives on health management and disease prevention  contact her directly.  
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The Whole Health Experience  

Dr. Christie L. Clipper is a researcher in behavioral health and educator in improving patient-provider relationships and communication-skills training to cultivate change in health delivery systems and public policy.  Her work with providers, health care organizations and in public health aims to improve the patient-provider encounter in treating the “Whole Person” as opposed to the disease.  This stems from her research in a behavioral change model, Behavioral Engagement with Pure PresenceTM, originated by Dr. Georgianna Donadio, executive director and founder of the National Institute of Whole Health.

Behavioral Engagement with Pure PresenceTM was formulated to enhance communication outcomes in healthcare benefiting both patients and providers.  It also created an evidence-based way to bring the model into a variety of healthcare delivery environments.  The model has shown consistent, effective communication skills results in enhanced patient-provider relationships, ability to overcome communication behaviors in the healthcare environment, sustained patient behavior change, improved patient adherence to treatment regimens and therefore patient outcomes, increased patient-provider satisfaction, and increased efficiency and cost management of health care organizations.

Christie is available as an advisor and educator for providers, healthcare organizations, and public health programs; partnerships in applied research projects, and collaborative public policy initiatives on health management and disease prevention. 

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